The Virtual Raceways race simulator is pre-setup and operates right inside our trailer, making it easy to setup in driveways and car show parking lots. Each player gets their own race pod with a real car seat, steering wheel, pedals, and extra wide screen monitor. All of the race pods are linked together, allowing friends and family to race, or crash into, each other.

  • First 1 to 4 Hours of Simulator Racing
  • First 2 Hours of Setup
  • First 50 Miles of Travel Distance
  • Up To 8 Connected Players Each Race

  • Players 8 Years or Older
  • At least 10 x 52 foot of space, flat and level
  • Access to a standard 110v wall outlet near the Trailer
    $375 First 1 to 4 Hours
    +$50 Each Additional Hour

    $550 First 1 to 4 Hours
    +$75 Each Additional Hour


    All of our race pods are on wheels, so they can be moved indoors without the trailer. Unhooking all the wires and pods from the trailer, moving them inside, and then hooking it all back up takes a LOT of time and effort to setup, so this is primarily offered to large events with big budgets. Transport, setup, operation, tear down, and the trip home, can take up the entire day. So, depending on when and how long the event is, and if the event can offer good security or a locked room, it may be a good idea to setup the day/night before.

    $1000 First 1 to 4 Hours
    +$100 Each Additional Hour

    $750 First 5 Hours
    +$75 Each Additional Hour

    The primary simulation software we use is Live For Speed. You can download the FREE DEMO from http://www.LFS.net and get some practice time in before your event.

    A race simulator may look like a video game, but it is more. Video games usually focus on eye candy graphics first, while simulation software focuses on the accurate recreation of how a real car handles and feels. Often a video game will help a driver keep their car on the track and artificially help keep it going in the right direction, a simulator requires all of the driving skills that would be needed in a real car, on a real track.

    This video compares a Real Life video with a video capture from Live For Speed. Real Life Footage by: Niknak Motorsport niknak.org